The Management of SERVEAL AUTOMOCION, S.L., aware of the importance that Quality has in the process of providing services and looking for the Total Satisfaction of the customer offers:

  • Quick response.

  • Professionalism and efficiency.

  • Adaptation to the customer and advice on their needs.

  • Use of the highest quality materials.

The trust and loyalty of our customers distinguishes us from our competitors.
Our philosophy is based on global responsibility and transparency, shared by all of us.

In order for this Policy to be adequate to the purpose of the organization and to comply with the Applicable Legal Requirements and any other standard that subscribes to it, it shall at all times be the frame of reference for establishing and reviewing the objectives of the system, which shall be set annually and shall be subject to periodic monitoring.

In SERVEAL AUTOMOCIÓN, S.L., Social Responsibility is lived day by day not only outside the company but also internally with the workers in order to continue being a competitive and human company.

For SERVEAL AUTOMOCIÓN, S.L., social responsibility encompasses the following:
Quality of life in the company is to create a favorable, stimulating, safe, creative, non-discriminatory and participative work environment, promoting human and professional development.

Business ethics through principles that guide and ensure the transparent operation of the company and internal and external relations.

Preservation and care of the environment through practices that show respect for the environment, promote the optimization of resources and manage the waste generated.

Linkage with the community creating synergies between sectors to multiply the results in the solution of social problems. Seeks to strengthen leadership by raising the level of professionalization of workers and promoting practical education through agreements with educational institutes for professional training.

The Management is committed to periodically review this Policy in the System Reviews, in order to adapt the objectives to customer requirements and to criteria of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the processes of service provision and to check if it is still appropriate to the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of our activities.


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